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The Coast of Utopia with Professor Murray Biggs

Tom Stoppard's Acclaimed Trilogy
Winner of the 2007 Tony for Best Play
Main Street Theater, 2540 Times Blvd


Associate Professor Murray Biggs, one of Yale's most dynamic English and theater teachers, joins us to discuss Tom Stoppard's trilogy The Coast of Utopia, presented this spring at Main Street Theater.  

Stoppard’s magnificent trilogy chronicles a group of real-life Russian intellectuals dreaming of revolution. Spanning 1833 to 1866, the three plays are anchored by the presence of anarchist Michael Bakunin, literary critic Vissarion Belinsky, literary giant Ivan Turgenev, and revolutionary thinker Alexander Herzen, four men who came of age under Tsar Nicholas I and whose passion for political and intellectual change is mirrored in their personal pursuit of love and happiness. As the arcs of their lives intersect repeatedly, the seeds of the great social revolutions of the late nineteenth century are sown.

For more than 30 years, Main Street Theater has delighted audiences with high quality performances in an intimate setting.  We encourage alumni to see all three performances of the Coast of Utopia.  Professor Biggs will be available for conversation before Shipwreck on February 25 and will lead a lecture after Salvage on February 26.  Local Yale alumna Shannon Emerick performs in Parts II and II.  


The Coast of Utopia Part I: Voyage, January 12-29

Alumni are encouraged to attend on their own; purchase tickets on the Main Street Theater website

The Coast of Utopia Part II: Shipwreck, February 25, 8 pm Sold Out

Light reception with Professor Biggs prior to the performance (7:15 pm); purchase tickets below

The Coast of Utopia Part III: Salvage, February 26, 3 pm Sold Out

Lecture by Professor Biggs following the performance; purchase tickets below 


Murray Biggs, Adjunct Associate Professor of English and Theater Studies at Yale, is known throughout the campus for his engaging teaching style.  Professor Biggs is most interested in the interplay of text and performance. With degrees in English and Politics from South Africa and Britain, he has taught 20 different courses since joining the Yale faculty in 1986: courses in acting (especially Shakespeare), directing, and dramatic literature (especially English Renaissance, modern and contemporary British, Irish, United States, and Commonwealth drama), and British, Irish, and Shakespeare film. He also directs student productions. Performance is the subject of most of his published work. 

Professor Biggs worked at MIT for ten years, mainly as founder and first Director of the MIT Shakespeare Ensemble. He has also taught at Wellesley, Berkeley, and the University of Connecticut before joining the Yale faculty. He has published many articles and reviews, especially about Shakespeare and his contemporaries in performance. In 1991 he edited a collection of essays, The Arts of Performance in Elizabethan and Early Stuart Drama. He has directed some 40 plays, a third of them from the English Renaissance.  Professor Biggs' alumni seminars are particularly popular.  He has led week-long theatre seminars in various locations: most often in London, at the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario, and the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake; but also in Ireland and at the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon. 

Come support local theater while enjoying one, two, or three thought-provoking performances and a fascinating lecture by Professor Murray Biggs.


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