Welcome to the Yale Club of Houston - Slifka 2020: A Vision for the Future of Jewish Life at Yale

Slifka 2020: A Vision for the Future of Jewish Life at Yale

Reception Prior to Yale Club of Houston Annual Dinner
Tuesday, May 17, 6 pm
Houston Hillel Student Center, 1700 Bissonnet


Prior to the Yale Club of Houston Annual Dinner, Rabbi James Ponet will host a reception with interested alumni and parents on the topic Slifka 2020: A Vision for the Future of Jewish Life at Yale.  

Rabbi Ponet, TD ’68, is the first Yale alumnus to serve as Yale’s Jewish Chaplain, a position he has been honored to fill since 1981.  He is the "Head and Heart" of the Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale, where he has touched the lives of thousands of students, faculty, and community members through his teaching, counseling, fellowships and programs.
The Slifka Center, which Rabbi Ponet has called a “laboratory of Jewish meaning and identity,” is the product of an historic collaboration between dedicated Jewish alumni and their alma mater, and has become a model for the programmatic expression of Jewish pluralism, culture and history while respecting and supporting more the traditional modes of Jewish observance.  Since 1995, Slifka has provided a home for the far-reaching community of students, teachers, alumni and friends who come together to share the fruits of Jewish life as they explore their Jewish roots.  It is a meeting ground where people of varied religious, ethnic and cultural heritages can encounter one another, and can celebrate, study, embrace, and explore the richly nuanced manifestations of Jewish traditions.

6:00 - 7:00 Reception and Conversation with Rabbi Ponet re: "Slifka 2020"

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