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Feb Club Emeritus
A.K.A. Feb Club for Old People

Feb Club Emeritus is back for a fourth fabulous year! 

Last year, over 5,000 Yale alumni from the classes of 1941-2009 got together over February's 28 nights in over 80 cities on all 7 continents for a series of fun, informal, parties of every size, shape and theme.  

In Houston, hosts George Niño, Jessica Zachary, and Scott Cantor are polishing our cup, dusting off Mory's recipes, and freezing blocks of ice to prepare for an incredible 2011 event.  Join us at the Mezzanine Lounge, 2200 Southwest Fwy, at 8 pm on Wednesday, February 2nd for an evening of revelry.  For the singing group alumni among us, karaoke to follow at 10 pm! 

Learn the Feb Club history here:  http://www.febclubemeritus.com/

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Event Information
Wednesday, Feb 2 2011 at 8:00pm - 11:00pm [ iCal ]
Mezzanine Lounge
2200 SW Fwy
Houston, TX

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